1. Simi Shalom

From the recording It Is Upon Us

“All of your prayers should be for the sake of the Presence, who herself is called prayer.  Each of your needs is only a reflection of some lack in the Presence.  Pray for her fulfillment, not merely your own.  As you bring oneness to the upper worlds and restore that which is lacking above, your own needs too will be fulfilled.” – Arthur Green and Barry W. Holtz


Kol tefilati, kol tefilati Lo rak li, lo rak li eileh lashechina Hakol sh'adam tzarich, gam hi, gam hi Hakol bah, hatov vara, v'hi niftza'ah Hi niftza'ah, tefilati lah (All of my prayers, all of my prayers Not just for me, not just for me, but for God's presence Everything that we need, she does too, she does too It's all in her, the good and the bad, and she is damaged She is damaged; my prayers are for her) Simi shalom tovah uv'racha ba'olam Chen vachesed, chen vachesed v'rachamim Aleinu, aleinu, v'al kol Yisrael amach V'al atzmech, v'al atzmech Shechina V'al atzmech, v'al atzmech Shechina (Make peace, goodness, and blessing in the world, Grace, love and mercy, On us, on us, and on all of Israel, your people, And on yourself, and on yourself, Shechinah) May the words of my mouth and prayers of my heart Not be for me, not just for me, but for the spirit Everything that we need, only reflects a greater need Of all the world, it's all in her, she isn't perfect She isn't perfect, may our prayers move us to fix it Simi shalom tovah uv'racha ba'olam… At hi ezri, v'ani ezrach Shechina (You are my help, and I am your help, Shechinah)