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Jewish Music

It Is Upon Us

by Hannah Spiro

Take traditional inspirations, progressive thought, and an alt-folk vibe, and swirl it all together. This is Hannah Spiro's alt-Jewish music.
  • 03:42 Lyrics Mi Chamochah

    Oo-ah, mi chamocha ba'elim Adonai? Oo-ah mi kamocha nedar bakodesh? Norah tehilot, oseh feleh
Norah tehilot, oseh feleh (Who is like you, Adonai, among the mighty? Who is like you, glorious in holiness, awesome in praises, doing wonders?)
 You made us free, b'nei chorin Hurled our captors into the sea Ayiyi, who is like you Adonai? Ayiyi, who can do the things you do? Oo-ah, mi chamocha… Waves rush over the ones who had us bound Timbrels jangle like our shackles falling down Ayiyi, who is like you Adonai? Ayiyi, who can do the things you do? Oo-ah, shirah chadasha, shib'chu ge'ulim Oo-ah, leshimecha al safat hayam Yachad kulam hodu veimlichu Ve'amru, Adonai, yimloch le'olam va'ed 
(A new song, the redeemed ones sang to your name at the shore of the sea. Saved from destruction, they proclaimed your sovereign power, "Adonai will rule forever and ever") Ooh ah, mi chamocha… Le'olam va'ed, le'olam va'ed (forever and ever) Le’olam va’ed, a drop of wine poured down to the ground, down to the ground Le'olam va'ed, as we sing to you we see our cousins drown, drown Le'olam va'ed, shira chadasha, let this not be in vain Le'olam va'ed, now that we are free, may we free others in your name Ayiyi, who is like you Adonai? Ayiyi, who can do the things you do? Ayiyi, who is like you Adonai? Ayiyi, who can do the things you do?

  • 03:57 Story Lyrics Simi Shalom

    Kol tefilati, kol tefilati Lo rak li, lo rak li eileh lashechina Hakol sh'adam tzarich, gam hi, gam hi Hakol bah, hatov vara, v'hi niftza'ah Hi niftza'ah, tefilati lah (All of my prayers, all of my prayers Not just for me, not just for me, but for God's presence Everything that we need, she does too, she does too It's all in her, the good and the bad, and she is damaged She is damaged; my prayers are for her) Simi shalom tovah uv'racha ba'olam Chen vachesed, chen vachesed v'rachamim Aleinu, aleinu, v'al kol Yisrael amach V'al atzmech, v'al atzmech Shechina V'al atzmech, v'al atzmech Shechina (Make peace, goodness, and blessing in the world, Grace, love and mercy, On us, on us, and on all of Israel, your people, And on yourself, and on yourself, Shechinah) May the words of my mouth and prayers of my heart Not be for me, not just for me, but for the spirit Everything that we need, only reflects a greater need Of all the world, it's all in her, she isn't perfect She isn't perfect, may our prayers move us to fix it Simi shalom tovah uv'racha ba'olam… At hi ezri, v'ani ezrach Shechina (You are my help, and I am your help, Shechinah)

  • 04:25 Story Lyrics Ma'ariv Aravim

    Baruch atah Adonai (Blessed are you, God)

    We are part of the same starlit sky

    Eloheinu melech ha'olam (Our God, sovereign of all worlds)

    Sunset falls and the boundaries are all gone


    Asher bidvaro ma'ariv aravim b'chochma pote'ach she'arim

    Uvitvunah, uvitvunah m'shaneh itim umachalif et hazmanim

    (By whose word the evenings fall. In wisdom, you open heaven's gates. With divine discernment, you make seasons change, causing the times to come and go)

    Baruch atah Adonai...


    Every night at exactly the right time, sunset falls into my weary mind

    I can rely on the moon and the twilight, I can rely on your good night

    Baruch atah Adonai...


    Um'sader et hakochavim b'mishmeroteihem barakiah kirtzono

    Borei yom valaila golel or mipnei choshech v'choshech mip'nei or

    (You order the stars on their appointed paths through heaven's dome, according to your will. Creator of day and night, who rolls back light before dark, and dark before light)

    Baruch atah Adonai...


    Adonai tz'vaot shemo

    (Ruler of all the great celestial beings is God’s name)